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Zekian Landscape.jpg

Zekians are the followers of Zeki, an ancient general of the Vertu army.

They are the strongest race within the Vertu faction and the rhythms of their society are marked by discipline and martial rigour which distinguish them on every occasion.

They believe that their faction should focus more on war and defeating their enemies, and that they shouldn’t grant any right to the Erratic, who are supposed to be their slaves.

Most of them are followers of the Queen of War and show an attitude towards melee and ranged combat.

Styles:[edit | edit source]

Two Swords Warrior: bound to the dark radiation, they cheat gravity and fight with incredible speed, wounding foes with their keen swords.

Shooter: bound to the blue radiation, they distinguish for their formidable marksmanship.

Special Powers:[edit | edit source]

Their martial trainings specialize them in melee or ranged combat, granting a huge tactical advantage over their enemies.

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