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Ukuba Landscape.jpg

The Nontu of Fire venerate the Sacred Volcano and manipulate Keitu through the lava, blending the two in special furnaces.

The political life of the Ukuba is administered by the Avatar of the Sacred Volcano, the only one to have decisional autonomy in the entire faction. He is selected through a trial: the winner is the one who can wield both faces of the Volcano: Earth and Fire. Because of its arbitrariness, some young Ukuba attempt to rebel against this dictatorship, but they are either slaughtered or, in the best-case scenario, are administered a drug that destroys their cognitive faculties, subjugating them to the ranks of the Huntakhi.

The Ukuba live off a closed, self-sufficient economy. They are skilful farmers and, thanks to their terraforming skills, are able to cultivate both outdoor plants and mushrooms underground.

What do they think of other tribes?[edit | edit source]

Amakhi “Trusty battle companions. They never retreat. They never plead for mercy.”

The Majias “Odious and unclean! They want our blood, they envy the power that the Sacred Volcano God has given us.”

The Ehlani “They always have what is necessary. And a blade at their side to take everything you have even before you try to pay them.”

Styles:[edit | edit source]

Sword Shield Warrior: they are good melee fighters, they do good damage while being protected by a rock shield on their arm.

Flame Summoner: they channel the fire of Vulcanos to shoot their enemies. They have few hit points but can do ranged and area burning damage.

Special Powers:[edit | edit source]

They can be born from Fire or Stone, improving their burning damages or their armor and strength.

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