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Majas Landscape.jpg

The Nontu of the Water possess a sophisticated technology and are not only the most religious tribe, but also the richest of the faction. The Majias devote themselves to study, and are enthralled with the collection of rare items, in particular of Synean remains, whose technology has been studied for centuries by their scientists.

The higher ranks of the tribe are all of a religious nature, and it is their credo that regulates their daily activities.

They live in close contact with a vein of underwater Keitu, and have a higher percentage of Keitu in their blood than any other Nontu or Vertu.

They have also developed the ability to manipulate this fluid inside their own body and that of their enemies.

These techniques of combat and care are taught through the “Thaumaturgy of Keitu”, practised by all Majias.

The tribe is governed by the eldest Majias, known as the Jir, while the faction’s public functions are carried out by the master of ceremonies, Markaj, the First Wise One.

What do they think of other tribes?[edit | edit source]

The Amakhi “If not for Jarnis, no one would remember them.”

The Ehlani “They have knowledge of the earth and the herbs. If you yearn for the impossible, they will realize it and deliver it into your hands.”

The Ukuba “Dirty heretics! The Keitu flowing through their lands is wasted, tarnished by an archaic blindness.”

Styles:[edit | edit source]

Buffer: they manipulate the Keitu in their veins to heal from diseases and gain an incredible strength.

Debuffer: they manipulate the Keitu in the enemies’ bodies, weakening them and draining their life.

Special Powers:[edit | edit source]

One of their abilities is to channel cards at a lower cost; the other is to have their natural armor increased.

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