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Krenus is an arid, inhospitable planet, crossed by a chain of rocky peaks that slope down into areas of desert, except in the central areas of the planet, which are richer in vegetation. The elements are fused with a high-energy material, Keitu, which is found in a crystallized form in nature.

For centuries, the planet was dominated by an evolved population, the Syneans, now extinct due to a major disaster, who lived in close contact with this substance. In fact, after understanding its potential, they exploited it to create a smooth-running instantaneous transport system, Keitustream, which still works.

The Syneans also created a new breed, the Keitunians, characterized by a total dependence on Keitu. These creatures, still present on the planet, reproduce by mitosis but only after consuming a sufficient amount of Keitu. During this process, the parent dies, transmitting its knowledge to the offspring in the process.

Keitu[edit | edit source]

Keitu is an element with many distinctive features found on the planet Krenus, mostly in the form of cyan- and magenta-coloured crystals and, more rarely, also in a liquid state.

Through a process of extraction and refining, the Keitu crystals are artificially synthesized into a liquid, the state in which it produces its highest power output.

The Vertu discovered the characteristics and properties of Keitu in scientific texts written by the Syneans found in their laboratories while exploring the planet.

Following this discovery, the Vertu, like their predecessors, concentrated on using and developing technology around this element.

Keitu was described in these documents as a contaminating element: it appears that all living beings on Krenus carry some percentage of Keitu in their blood.

This contamination is harmless provided the level of Keitu in the blood remains minimal. However, a few decades before their disappearance, some Synean scientists discovered a dangerous reaction of Keitu when exposed to radiation emitted by Albedonite, activated by the passage of the Albedon comet.

According to these studies, the interaction between Keitu and Albedonite causes an acceleration of the absorption of Keitu by living beings and the activation of mutagenic properties latent in Keitu itself in the host body. The substance, if stimulated, enables the channelling of an external element or radiation into the organism. Vertu scientists believe that this is why their population can now manipulate celestial radiations, and the Nontu can do the same with the natural elements.

They are also studying the hypothesis that the current symptoms of distress exhibited by the population are caused by an excessive absorption of Keitu. It seems that some Synean studies prompted this thesis.

A rapid and excessive absorption of Keitu would be the main cause of the extinction of the Syneans on Krenus, as well as the symptoms that have begun to emerge in the Vertu and Nontu recently.

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Albedonite[edit | edit source]

On their journey through the cosmos, the asteroids always land on the planet of Krenus, but only rarely do they cause a certain degree of damage.

During the most prosperous period of the Synean civilization, astronomers suspected that the rain of meteorites became radioactive during the passage of the Albedon comet. The ancient inhabitants of Krenus had noticed that the Albedonite already deposited on the planet would emit a strange green glow at that time.

Alarmed by this same fact, the Vertu scientists obtained some interesting information from documents found among the remains of an old Synean laboratory. This led to the discovery that exposure to Albedonite radiation influenced the behaviour of Keitu inside their bodies.

Initially, both the Nontu and the Vertu were enthusiastic about this reaction. The former saw their ability to manipulate the elements grow rapidly; the latter the channelling of radiations coming from the celestial bodies.

Soon however, some members of both factions showed strong signs of malaise and, with these, came the first deaths among the population. The Nontu and Vertu governments thus decided to join forces to investigate this disturbing phenomenon.

From joint research by the two factions, it emerged that during the previous passage of the Albedon comet, the Syneans had been affected by a strange epidemic; too late, their scientists realized that it was their bodies reacting to the excessive absorption of Keitu caused by radiation from Albedonite that had led to cellular suffocation in the host.

Armed with this information, the Nontu and Vertu governments sent out scores of troops to scour the Synean ruins in search of further confirmation of the facts discovered.  They found studies on a possible cure for the contamination, discovered by the previous inhabitants of the planet.

This cure, which the new inhabitants of Krenus made their own, consists in exposing the contaminated individual to a core of concentrated Albedonite which causes a magnetic reaction with the Keitu present in the organism and steers it all to the area exposed to the radiation. In this way, the Keitu condensate can be surgically removed, granting many months of new life to the host. However, this also significantly decreases the individual’s ability to channel the elements or celestial radiation.

Accordingly, both factions founded special Albedonite Hunter corps: Jarnis founded the Huntakhi, while Jara set up the Seekians. Their mission is to explore Krenus in search of the Albedonite necessary for their faction to treat victims of contagion.

Close exposure to radiation confers prodigious powers on the Albedonite hunters, which make them extraordinary fighters, able to tackle the many hidden dangers lurking in the wildest areas of the planet, and pushing them to venture beyond the boundaries of hitherto unexplored areas.

However, continuous exposure to Albedonite forces them to periodically submit to a purification process which saves their life but at the same time deprives them of the abilities acquired thanks to the mutation.


The Colonization[edit | edit source]

The Albedon comet, after a pilgrimage lasting millennia, crashed into the Tharas region, just north of the ruins of the Synean city “A1”. 

A haggard band of Vertu, Nontu and Erratics also landed on the planet, survivors of the sidereal journey at the behest of a greater destiny than their own, together with Albedon’s cold dust.

The violent meteor impact with the ground created an enormous crater and activated the energy barriers of “A1”, protecting it from the shock wave. Little remains of the Synean surface structures.

The Nontu, guided by Jarnis, headed north-west in search of food. The Vertu followed the orders of Yani, the sole descendant of Nolaos’ Queen of War in the group, and proceeded in the opposite direction to that of their eternal enemies, under the protection of Erratic slaves.

Both the Nontu and the Vertu almost immediately encountered the Keitunians, the inscrutable creatures that have inhabited the planet for millennia.

However, the Nontu, misled by the Keitunians’ alien animal-like features pitilessly massacred them to procure food, while the Vertu did not succumb to the same misunderstanding and began to develop relations with them, ending up settling in “A1”.

The two races separated as soon as they landed on the planet of Krenus, and for a long time lost contact.

The Regions of Krenus[edit | edit source]

Krenus is divided into regions that are very different from one another in terms of morphology, climate and environment. While the area to the west was colonized by the Nontu, the part to the east of the planet is inhabited mainly by the Vertu.

The vast, almost uninhabited areas that separate the various cities are populated by terrifying creatures and fearsome marauders. This is another reason why most of the travelling on the planet takes place along the Keitustream.

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