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Erratics Landscape.jpg

The Erratics, wild and proud, cover the most disparate roles in Vertu society.

Some of them are slaves in the service of exponents of other breeds, others are marginalized, still others are trying to have themselves accepted to take up increasingly important posts.

They’re the hybrid race between Nontu and Vertu, so they have inherited some characteristics from both races.

Many fight in the army, brandishing gigantic shields, and exploiting their ability as half-Nontu to channel the elements.

They are still enslaved in some cities even if their slavery is forbidden.

They are very good soldiers since they fight mixing the fury of their Nontu blood with the Vertu technologies.

Styles:[edit | edit source]

Tank: following the path of their ancient heritage, they protect them and their allies with huge tower shields.

Staff Summoner: following their Half-Nontu nature, they shoot their enemies channeling elements through staffs made by Vertu.

Special Powers:[edit | edit source]

In some of them the wild Nontu nature prevails, granting them a great resistance. Others use their Vertu origins to develop some telekinetik powers.

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