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Adenian Landscape.jpg

The Adenians are gifted with stunning beauty and a great capacity for empathy.

They are formidable scholars and notable researchers.

These Vertu take their name from Adenia, a Queen of Peace who was slaughtered by Zeki while she was fighting for the Erratic rights.

Adedian are usually followers of the Queen of Peace, have empathic powers and occupy some places in the society as diplomats or ambassadors.

Over time, they have developed qualities of enchantment and are highly skilful in the art of caring for and handling force fields.

They also study Force Fields and some of them are architect and protectors.

Styles:[edit | edit source]

Charmer: bound to the red radiation, they calm down enemies making them harmless.

Protector: bound to the blue radiation, they protect them and their alliance with force fields.

Special Powers:[edit | edit source]

Some of them specialize in the arts of healing, others prefer to improve their telekinetik abilities.

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